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THE DIKSHA SCHOOL is a co-educational campus spread over 5 acres in the clean and spacious Budhaul 5 Km. away from Nawada; The Diksha School truly epitomizes the concept of a modern education institution. The Diksha School offers the curriculum of the central Board of Secondary Education of India.
Each element of the school is designed to develop the cognitive and affective skills of children, in a fun filled and congenial environment. In additional to the basic infrastructural facilities such as well equipped computer rooms, a sports complex, a swimming pool, we have looked carefully at the finer things of life. From choosing the right fabric for breathe-free uniforms to appropriate furniture for correct posture, we have ways of making every child comfortable, happy and healthy.
The school’s day-boarding facility gives an extra edge to students keen on developing their skills beyond academic. The afternoon activity programme provides each child an opportunity to discover and build a ‘spare time’ interest and engage in creative and constructive pursuits. Sports and hobbies play a pivotal role in drawing out talent and building character and team spirit. Responsible and upright behaviors are an expression of the school culture.
Expert coaches, excellent sports infrastructure and a variety of co-curricular activities help students discover their talents and develop holistically.
Our primary and Middle year programme bring in opportunities for different styles of learning with special focus on blossoming intelligences. With activities centered round observation and discovery, our students are empowered with life skills, critical thinking and creative skills.
Collaborative learning is a regular feature, and children learn to work together as well as independently. Through progression from year to year, there is broadening of the curriculum with increase in cognitive challenges.
Teachers ensure “whole Class” learning and purpose of Assessment is to reflect the quality of the students understanding of the concepts.
At the end of the Primary Programme, our students confidently make a foray into the Middle School. In the Middle School years, self-reliance in learning becomes an important aim. Attention is given to the requisite level in each subject by defining attainment standards.
Children learn to set goals and have long terms objectives.